Fire-adapted landscapes once covered an estimated 90 millions acres of land across the American South (visit Tall Timbers to learn more). The long-leaf pine is one of the keystone species of these landscapes, where plants and animals have evolved to thrive in forests that experience natural burning from lightening strikes and, historically, from fires set by humans for farming and hunting.

Llewellyn Park, located north of The Grove in Tallahassee, Florida, in 1888. Note the mixture of large and small mixed pine species. Photo courtesy of the State Archives of Florida

In 2018, the museum partnered with Tall Timbers Research Station and the Florida Forest Service to plant 100 young long-leaf pine and wiregrass plugs at The Grove. This Long-leaf Learning Landscape is a demonstration-scale example of a fire-adapted landscape. This photo shows a young pine in its "grass" stage, shortly after planting. Photo by Jade Marks, from The Grove's collection

Visible in this view of the Long-leaf Learning Landscape are a spruce pine, wiregrass, two species of native blueberries, and a young long-leaf pine. This small plot replicates the fire-adapted landscape that once covered much of the Red Hills Region, which includes Tallahassee and other parts of North Florida and South Georgia. Photo by Miles Feacher, from The Grove's collection

View of the Long-leaf Learning Landscape looking south towards the Call-Collins House. As you walk along the dirt path towards the front of the property, take note of additional small planting beds outlined with tree debris and mulched with natural leaf litter. Planted in these small plots are various fire-adapted species, alongside other native and exotic plants. These other plots are in the process of conversion and will eventually form a ribbon of fire-adapted plantings along the west side of The Grove property. Photo by Miles Feacher, from The Grove's collection


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